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veröffentlicht am 08.02.2022 von Kai Scharrmann | Business Development Manager Japanese Precision

I have to admit that the reason for this post is not only because I found a great example to summarize why „Japanese Precision since 1935“ is the perfect claim for HIOKI. Another reason is that I bought a macro lens for my camera and I wanted to test it with a suitable object

These are 46 probe pins spread on a size of just 1 square millimeter.

Japanese Precision
Japanese Precision

When zooming out these dimensions become clearer:

The 1 euro cent coin has a diameter of 16.25 mm. The next image shows where this probe head belongs to:

This probe head is mounted to HIOKI’s RM9004 test fixture which is part of HIOKI’s RM2610 Electrode Resistance Meter. The RM2610 helps quantifying composite layer resistance and interface resistance in Li-Ion battery electrode sheets and therefore helps to significantly reduce the time-to-market for new LIB cell by accelerating the R&D process. This instrument not only underlines why HIOKI uses the claim „Japanese Precision since 1935“. It is also a great example for HIOKI’s aim to „contribute to society“ because it helps to solve one of the big challenges of these times which is energy storage.

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