Measurement example

It is important to monitor the State of Health of fuel cell stacks under load conditions to make certain that the stack still performs according to expectations and to schedule preventive maintenance measures if this is not the case. HIOKI offers specially developed measurement solutions for this fuel cell research application.

Measurement of fuel cell's internal resistance

The BT3563-FC and BT3564-FC are special editions of the BT3563 and BT3564. These versions have excellent noise resistance to reduce the influence of the noise that is generated by the load. The fuel cell’s state of health can be determine based on the AC Internal Resistance (AC-IR) measurement at 1kHz.

Equipment used

Battery Testers with high noise resistance and up to 1000 V input voltage

Special Battery Tester BT3563-FC

  • Improved noise resistance for FC testing under load
  • Voltage range up to 300 VDC
  • Customized measurement range for high precision measurement

Special Battery Tester BT3564-FC

  • Improved noise resistance for FC testing under load
  • Voltage range up to 1000 V (DC)

The BT356x-FC models are custom made for FC cell testing.
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