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Evaluate battery temperature changes during aging and actual operation. Acquire various data such as temperature, heat flows, and voltage simultaneously to monitor the temperature rise of the cell due to charging and discharging during aging. Wireless connectivity further allows a time-efficient, remote measurement set up.

The modular-based Memory Logger LR8450-01 can be set up to log up to 120 channels of data of cell temperature with plug-in type modules. The usage of wireless modules eliminates the need for long thermocouple wiring and allows to remotely connect with a wireless module in a separate aging chamber away from the main unit. Such a set up also is time-efficient and the overall modular character of the main unit allows to extend the number of channels overall up to 330. Due to excellent reduction of noise effects the LR8450 delivers stable logging, even at high voltages and frequencies making it the ideal device for temperature logging of batteries during charge/discharge aging.

Wireless data logger ideal for temperature logging of batteries

Test equipment for measuring battery temperature and voltage during aging and performance testing of batteries

  • Wireless LAN capability enables measurement in locations where it would be difficult to run wires
  • Connect up to 4 plug-in modules (for 120 channels max.)
  • Connect up to 7 wireless modules (for up to 210 channels max.)

Wireless Voltage/Temp Unit LR8532

  • 30-channel voltage and temperature measurement
  • Wireless operation up to 9h

Wireless Voltage/Temp Unit LR8532
Measurement target Voltage, thermocouples
Maximum input voltage ±100 V DC
Maximum channel-to-channel voltage 300 V DC
Sampling speed Up to 10 ms of all channels
Memory Datalogger LR8450-01
Maximum recording time Approx. 5 days (20ms interval, 330ch, 16GB USB Drive)
HTTP server function Support Remote control function
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