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The multi-scanner eliminates the need to reconnect battery cells one by one for measurement, and allows the integration of measurements from different instruments.

Since the electrical characteristics of batteries change due to changes in temperature and other factors, each battery should be measured under the same conditions for as short a time as possible. HIOKI’s scanners can be connected to two measuring instruments, which sequentially measure the connected batteries with high accuracy. It is also recommended for cell cycling tests, as measurements can be performed without changing the cell setup in the chamber.

HIOKI’s scanners are compatible with a variety of high-precision battery measurement devices such as Battery Testers, Impedance Meters or Resistance Meters.

The SW100x switch scanner circuit advantages:

  • Designed to minimize measurement errors
  • Obtain reliable and accurate data
  • Increase measurement efficiency
  • Minmizes eddy currents and noise

Switch Mainframes for multi-channel battery testing with BTs, IMs and RMs

Test equipment for battery cell cycle testing

HIOKI Switch Mainframe SW1001

  • Number of module slots: 3
  • 2-Wire, 22ch – 66ch
  • 4- wire, 11ch – 33 ch
  • 4-terminal pair, 6 – 18 ch

HIOKI Switch Mainframe SW1002

  • Number of module slots: 12
  • 2-Wire, 22ch – 264ch
  • 4- wire, 11ch – 132 ch
  • 4-terminal pair, 6 – 72 ch

Supported modules MULTIPLEXER MODULE SW9001 (2-wire/4-wire)
MULTIPLEXER MODULE SW9002 (2-wire/4-terminal pair)
Connectable instruments Max. 2 Units
2-wire instruments + 4-wire instrument or 2-wire instruments + 4-terminal pair instruments
Maximum input voltage 60 V DC, 30V AC rms, 42.4 V peak
Communication I/F LAN, USB, RS-232C
Channel switching time 11ms (excluding measurement time)
Supported measurement instruments BT3561A, BT3562A, BT3563A, BT4560, IM3590, RM3545, RM3544-01
Software Free PC application software, LabVIEW Compatibility
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