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When measuring internal impedance of individual batteries, the AC impedance curve obtained by EIS measurement is separated into bulk impedance and interface impedance by equivalent circuit analysis. Especially for all-solid batteries it is necessary to measure impedance over a wider frequency range.

Impedance measurement instruments capable of sweeping over a wider frequency range are needed to capture the AC impedance curve.

IM3536 can capture an impedance curve from 4Hz to 8MHz. For impedance measurements at low frequencies, we recommend the IM3590, which can measure from 1 mHz.

„Equivalent Circuit Fitting“ output image

“Multi-plot“ is one of two free web applications provided by HIOKI that enables you to draw a Nyquist or Cole-Cole plot simply by loading a file in your web browser.
The other application is a very powerful analysis tool called “Equivalent Circuit Fitting”. It supports the analysis and comparison of vast amounts of data. Impedance curves that cannot be analyzed with a simple equivalent circuit can be analyzed with a detailed model to obtain accurate equivalent circuit parameters.

Chemical impedance analyzer and LCR meter for all-solid battery testing

HIOKI chemical impedance analyzer IM3590 & HIOKI LCR Meter IM3536


  • Measure a battery’s internal resistance in the no-load state by automatically measuring the battery voltage and generating the same DC voltage
  • Frequency sweep measurement capability
  • Cole-Cole plot display functionality

HIOKI LCR Meter IM3536 with test fixture 9268-10

  • Measure up to 8 MHz with the test fixture 9268-10 for single-cell and module testing.
  • Guaranteed accuracy range from 1 mΩ, low-impedance measurement with unmatched repeatability

Chemical Impedance Analyzer IM3590
Measurement frequency 1 mHz to 200 kHz (5 digits setting resolution, minimum resolution 1 mHz)
Range 5 V (40 V with 9268-10 DC bias voltage unit + external power supply)
LCR Meter IM3536
Measurement frequency 4 Hz to 8 MHz (5 digits setting resolution, minimum resolution 10 mHz)
Range 100 mΩ to 100 MΩ
Max. battery voltage 40 V (with 9268-10 DC bias voltage unit + external power supply)
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