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Measure internal resistance and OCV simultaneously to verify the quality of battery cells, modules or packs with battery testers ideal for production line testing.

The BT356xA series measures internal resistance based on the AC-IR method. This enables to shorten measurement times and in addition to attain highly repeatable measurement results.

It also possible to simultaneously measure OCV. The BT356xA series can be used in mass production lines to perform pass/fail inspections and sorting based on battery specifications in a short period of time.

The new BT356xA series has dramatically improved tolerances for line resistance compared to previous models. This improvement makes it easy to build better test systems with significant advantages:

  • More relay options
  • Fewer probe replacements
  • Able to use longer and thin measurement cables*

*AWG 29 (0.064 mm²) wire equivalent to 2.2 Ω over an 8 m round trip can be used with the 3 mΩ or 30 mΩ range

Battery testers ideal for production line testing

Test equipment for battery cell & battery pack testing during production

  • High-speed OCV and internal resistance measurement
  • Extensive lineup to match various battery voltages
  • Reducing test system development cost and management man-hours thanks to improved tolerances for line resistance

BT3562A specifications (See links for other BT356x series’ model specifications)
Resistance measurement ranges 3.0 mΩ to 3 kΩ Basic accuracy: ±0.5% rdg ±10 dgt(3 mΩ range), ±0.5% rdg ±5 dgt(30 mΩ range or more)
Voltage measurement ranges 6V, 60V, 100V DC
Basic accuracy: ±0.01% rdg. ±3 dgt
Response time 10 ms
Sampling period ΩV (60 Hz): 8 ms (EX.FAST), 24 ms (FAST), 70 ms (MEDIUM), 253 ms (SLOW)
Interfaces LAN, RS-232C, EXT I/O

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