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The uniform and consistent quality of an electrode sheet can be examined by measuring the composite layer resistivity and the interface resistance. The RM2610 system allows users to quantify and visualize variations in composite layer resistance and analyze the results.

The electrode sheet consists of a composite layer and a current collector. The interface resistance between the two is one of the key parameters for the performance of a battery.

The electrode resistance measurement system allows users to visualize resistance values by measuring the surface of the electrode sheet with a test fixture that consists of an array of test probes and then using proprietary analytical techniques to quantify them.

The RM2610 then allows to determine the optimal value for a calendaring process. This graph illustrates the results of measuring an electrode sheet while changing the pressure to vary the electrode density. Both the volume resistivity of the composite layer and interface resistance decrease as the pressure and electrode density rise, but the interface resistance drops sharply after a certain point.

Electrode sheet resistance measurement system for LIBs

HIOKI Electrode Resistance Measurement System RM2610

Test equipment for materials examination during quality testing of batteries

  • Quantify composite layer resistivity and interface resistance in Li-ion battery positive and negative electrode sheets
  • Composite resistivity [Ωcm]
  • Interface resistance (contact resistance) between the composite layer and current collector [Ωcm²]

Measurement parameters Composite resistivity [Ωcm]
Interface resistance (contact resistance) between the composite layer and current collector [Ωcm2]
Computation method Inverse problem analysis of potential distribution using the finite volume method
Information necessary for computation • Composite layer thickness [μm] (for 1 side)
• Current collector thickness [μm]
• Current collector volume resistivity [Ωcm]
Measurement time Standard conditions: 75 s
(Contact check + potential distribution measurement + computation)
Temperature measurement function Measures temperature near the test fixture
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