Measurement example

Establish an efficient testing environment with a voltage generator that delivers power supply, electronic load, and DMM functionality in a single package.

The basic function of a BMS is to control the imbalance of battery charging and discharging and to detect open/short anomalies. To ensure proper BMS functionality it is necessary to validate the BMS

board before installing it with the LIB, which can be done using a battery simulator that is much safer than using actual batteries or separate power supplies.

12 channel connection example

In order to execute effective BMS testing, a safe and accurate battery simulator must be integrated into the production process, complete with all the necessary functions for outgoing inspections of the BMS board. The SS7081-50 is a 12-channel battery cell voltage generator that delivers power supply, electronic load, and DMM functionality in a single unit. The system’s simple architecture makes building the environment for validating BMS functionality safer, more affordable and more productive than ever before.

Battery cell voltage generator for BMS testing

Test equipment for validating BMS functionality during battery module & battery pack testing

  • Simulate cell behavior in individual channels, with 12 channels
  • Build a large-scale module environment with a series voltage of up to 1000 V (5 V/channel × 200 channels)
  • Build a highly accurate BMS validation environment easily and safely

Output range DC voltage: 0.0000 V to 5.0250 V
Maximum output current: ±1.00000 A
Voltage output accuracy ±0.0150% of setting ±500 μV
Voltage measurement accuracy ±0.0100% of reading ±100 μV
Current measurement accuracy 1 A range: ±0.0700% of reading ±100 μA
100 μA range: ±0.0350% of reading ±10 nA
Interfaces LAN
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