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With this set up you can measure the battery capacity by integrating the charge and discharge currents. Using a high precision current sensor and power analyzer, it is possible to check the detailed charge/discharge control profile by BMS.

The PW6001 combined with the CT6904 current sensor provides the most accurate solution available for high DC voltage and high DC current measurement. One important factor for this performance is the  extremely high Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) of the CT6904. This guarantees that high frequency noise generated by the switching power supply will not have any influence on the accuracy of the measurement. The high accuracy, even at a short update rate of 10 ms, will deliver excellent information to determine the capacity of powerful battery packs.

High-precision power measurement system for observing charging & discharging processes of batteries

HIOKI Power Analyzer PW6001 & HIOKI AC/DC Current Sensor CT6904

HIOKI Power Analyzer PW6001

High accuracy and sampling rate of 5 MS/s in combination with the 18-bit measurement resolution enable to detect very quick and small changes in power demand during charge/discharge tests.

HIOKI AC/DC Current Sensor CT6904

  • Excellent accuracy, linearity, bandwidth and CMRR. This makes it the perfect choice for the most accurate current measurement.
  • ±0.02% rdg. ±0.007% f.s. basic Accuracy
  • Rated current 500A
  • CMRR 120dB or more at 100kHz

Power Analyzer PW6001
Base accuracy ± 0.02% rdg.
Input Voltage range 6V to 1500V, 8 range
Waveform recording Always 5 MS/s with 18-bit A/D converter
Data update rate 10ms / 50ms / 200ms
Number of input channels Max. 6
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