Measurement example

The chemical reactions in batteries involve several processes and each process has its own reaction speed. By sweeping the frequency and measuring the impedance, the characteristics of each part can be evaluated separately. This allows to identify battery deterioration factors.

Measured data for pristine batteries

Some high-capacity lithium-ion batteries have an internal impedance of less than 1 mΩ. The BT4560 can measure ultra-low impedances of 1 mΩ or less with stability and repeatability. The four-terminal-pair method reduces the effects of induced magnetic fields, such as cable routing, eddy currents caused by surrounding metal, and interference when multiple units are used simultaneously.

Measured data for degraded batteries

Compared to the conventional four-terminal method, the stability of the measuring instrument incorporated into the production line is improved.

Measure efficiently by combining the HIOKI BT4560 and SW1001

Optimal set-up for a time-saving solution to measure: a switch mainframe, the BT4560 battery impedance tester and a 6 channel battery test fixture. The EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy) for each of the six 18650-size LIB’s is measured automatically, controlled by the switch mainframe SW1001.

Battery impedance meter with frequency sweeping function for battery cell testing

Test equipment for identify the causes of battery cell defects

HIOKI battery impedance meter BT4560

  • Low-frequency AC-IR measurement to measure battery reaction resistance
  • Ensures battery cell quality by measuring internal impedance at a low frequency of 1 Hz or below
  • Extremely reliable measurements for low-impedance batteries
  • Built-in contact check function

HIOKI Switch Mainframe SW1001

  • Multiplexer Module to deliver quick, multi-channel battery EIS measurement up to 18 channels
  • Circuit-design-friendly for impedance measurements that minimize errors between channels
  • Easy to start multiple EIS measurement with free PC application software

Allowable input voltage Up to 5 V
Impedance measurement Parameters: R, X, Z, θ, Frequency: 0.1 Hz to 1050 Hz, Measurement ranges: 3.0000 mΩ, 10.0000 mΩ, 100.000 mΩ
Testing current: 3 mΩ range: 1.5 Arms, 10 mΩ range: 500 mArms, 100 mΩ range: 50 mArms
Voltage measurement Measurement range: 5.00000 V (single range), Measurement time: 0.1 s (Fast) to 1.0 s (Slow)
Temperature measurement Range: -10.0 °C to 60.0 °C, Measurement time: 2.3 s
Basic accuracy Z: ±0.4% rdg. θ: ±0.1 °, V: ±0.0035% rdg. ±5 dgt. , Temperature: ±0.5 °C (at 10.0 to 40.0 °C)
Functions Comparator, self-calibration, sample delay, average, contact check, measurement current error, and other
Interface RS-232C/USB (virtual COM port) * Cannot be used simultaneously
EXT. I/O (NPN/PNP can be switched)
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