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When a battery has a defect such as a minute short-circuit, self-discharging causes the battery voltage to fall. Such defects can be discovered with short aging times using a high-precision, high-resolution voltmeter that allows to detect even slight voltage drops.

Defective battery cells with large self-discharge are identified by an aging process. If a slight drop in voltage is captured, it is possible to rapidly detect a defective cell.

For tests like voltage drop tests for batteries where miniscule voltage changes are monitored over a long period of time to make a pass/fail judgment, the accuracy and long-term stability of the measuring instrument are essential.

The combination of the DM7276 with the multi scanner SW1002 and its free software is ideal for voltage drop tests of large numbers of battery cells in the aging process. This realizes the set up a 264-cell test-system. Various functions allow you to measure initial voltage,  voltage drops and voltage drop rates (e.g. mV/day, mV/hour). The included judgment function makes it easy to determine which battery cell is experiencing aging defects.

Test equipment for measuring battery voltage-drop during aging and performance testing of batteries

High precision DC voltmeter for lithium-ion battery testing

HIOKI precision DC voltmeter DM7276

  • High-accuracy measurement model with one-year accuracy of 9 ppm
  • Contact check function maximizes measurement reliability
  • Binning and temperature compensation makes it ideal for developing & manufacturing Li-ion batteries
  • Supports global production with built-in variable power supply

Switch Mainframe SW1002

  • Assures accuracy in multi-channel battery testing
  • Max. 264 channels (2-wire)
  • Free OCV Measurement software

DC Voltage 100 mV ( ±120.000 00 mV) to 1000 V ( ±1000.000 0 V ), 5 ranges
Basic accuracy 10 V range: ±0.0009% rdg. ±12 μV
Temperature -10.0°C to 60.0°C, combined with sensor Z2001: ±0.7°C (-10°C to 50°C)
Measurement support functions Temperature compensation, Contact check, Comparator, BIN, Absolute value judgment, etc.
Power supply 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 30 VA
Interfaces Standard: LAN (100BASE-TX), EXT. I/O, USB flash drive / USB device (USB2.0 Full-Speed).
Optional: GP-IB (-02 type only) / RS-232C (-03 type only) / PRINTER (-03 type only)
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