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Detect metal contaminants and separator damage by measuring insulation resistance before filling the electrolyte to ensure that the positive and negative electrodes of the battery are reliably isolated from each other. Contamination and separator tear are the primary causes for insufficient insulation resistance.

Insulation Tester ST5520 has been specifically designed to measure high resistance values and is used to measure the insulation resistance of battery cells. Testing before the electrolyte has been filled inside is important to detect faulty cells early and reduce the risk of damage for later tests with high voltage.

The contact check function enables to reliably determine if the test probe is in correct contact with the electrode before the test is run. Fast measurement of insulation resistance between battery electrodes without false readings due to probing faults is highly contributing to production efficiency.

HIOKI insulation Tester ST5520

Test equipment for measuring battery cell insulation resistance

  • Get decisions in as quickly as 50 ms
  • Freely configurable test voltage (1 V resolution, settings from 25 V to 1000 V)
  • Short-circuit check function (stops potential defects from reaching the market)
  • Built-in contact check function ensuring to collect correct measurement data

Measurement items Insulation resistance (Applied DC voltage method)
Testing voltage 25 V ≤ V < 100 V (2.000/20.00/200.0 MΩ),
100 V ≤ V < 500 V (2.000/20.00/200.0/2000 MΩ),
500 V ≤ V ≤ 1000 V (2.000/20.00/200.0/4000 MΩ)
Basic accuracy ±2 % rdg. ±5 dgt. (0 to 20 MΩ)
Comparator setting UPPER_FAIL: Measured value ≥ upper limit value
PASS: Upper limit value > measured value > lower limit value
LOWER_FAIL: Measured value ≤ lower limit value
Interface RS-232C (standard), External I/O (External control input, Judgment result)
BCD output (ST5520-01 only)
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