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Safely measure the voltage and internal resistance of high-voltage stacked battery packs with a dedicated probe.

The BT3564 is a battery tester for simultaneous measurement of internal resistance and battery voltage with a maximum input voltage of 1000 V. The L2110 probe for 1000 V can safely and comfortably measure wide terminal spaces, deep electrodes, and exposed bus bars of high-voltage battery packs.

The BT3564 is equipped with an analog output function for resistance measurement values. Combined with a recorder or logger, it enables long-term monitoring of the total resistance value. In battery pack quality evaluation tests, it is possible to simultaneously record the internal resistance and temperature of the battery.

Battery tester with high noise resistance and up to 1000 V input voltage

HIOKI battery tester BT3564 & HIOKI Memory HiLogger LR8431-20

HIOKI battery tester BT3564

  • Max. 1000V input for high voltage stacked battery packs
  • Safely and easily measure high-voltage battery packs
  • Monitor total resistance via data logger

HIOKI Memory HiLogger LR8431-20

  • High-speed data logger for recording multiple channels of voltage and temperature
  • Complete isolation between channels and strong noise resistance
  • Sampling rate of 10ms across 10 channels

Battery Tester BT3564
Max. applied measurement voltage ± 1000 VDC rated input voltage
± 1000 VDC max. rated voltage to earth
Resistance measurement ranges 3 mΩ (resolution 0.1 μΩ) to 3 kΩ (resolution 0.1 Ω
Accuracy: ±0.5 % rdg. ±5 dgt. (30 mΩ to 3 kΩ range), ±0.5 % rdg. ±10 dgt. (3 mΩ range)
Testing source frequency: 1 kHz ±0.2 Hz
Voltage measurement ranges 10 V DC (resolution: 10 µV) to 1000V DC (resolution: 1 m V)
Accuracy: ±0.01 % rdg. ±3 dgt.
Sampling time FAST: 12 ms, MEDIUM: 35 ms, SLOW: 253 ms
Comparator functions Judgment result: Hi/IN/Lo (resistance and voltage judged independently)
Setting: Upper and lower limit, Deviation (%) from reference value
Result display, beeper, or external I/O output (open-collector, 35 V, 50 mA DC max.)
Communication I/F External I/O, RS-232C, Printer (RS-232C), GP-IB
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